Introduction To The Book

The most successful corporations in the world are values driven and consciously invest in building their workplace culture to one of a high performing environment where even the most diversified team can not only survive – they thrive!

 These cultural transformations begin with the personal transformation of the leaders. In this book, leaders learn how to “walk the talk” and be the change they desire to see through a participative leadership style.

 This book contains unique Guiding Principles, tools and techniques for both inner and outer transformation, along with the assessments and worksheets to support the leader’s journey of culture change. What makes this book different from any other? While you can read this book in one sitting, you’ll use it as a reference for decades.

 It is loaded with many strategies to get you through the varying weather conditions that all organisations experience; whether that be an economic downturn, civil unrest, catastrophic events, mergers and acquisitions or simply, competitive environmental changes. This new book and accompanying website will change the way you look at yourself – your organisation – and the world around you forever.

 Your organisation will become people oriented, customer centric and performance driven.

About The Authors

Kevin and Susan started GRIP Arabia in 2015 to bring about a holistic approach to building a high performing organisation. Together they help business leaders on the journey of a high performing culture through engagement; for them to truly get a grip on their organisational culture and achieve results!

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